A website and directory aimed at helping you save energy and money. Find energy saving tips, advice on conserving energy, as well as a directory of energy type companies. If you are looking to go green, there's information on alternative and green sources of renewable energy and power, as well as eco-friendly transport. Handy tools include an electricity consumption calculator.

Go to ConserveEnergy.co.uk
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Find all sorts of eco-friendly info, as well as websites devoted to the environmentally friendly cause. You can also conduct a Google search rigged to produce only green results.

Go to GreenMaven.com
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Preserve endangered land for FREE. Click one button and you will have saved around 10 square feet of rainforest. It costs nothing, can be done daily, and the button isn't an annoying banner or the like.

Go to TheRainforestSite.com
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A directory of websites that are Environment related. Listed by category, but also searchable. Topics include agriculture, disasters, employment, conservation, pollution, recycling and much more...

Go to WebDirectory.com
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Answer a quiz about your personal habits. It then gives you the ugly truth about your carbon footprint and it's impact on the environment. You can then learn how to mend your ways.

Go to EcoFoot.org
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A site about seeds - collecting seeds, storing seeds, sowing seeds, germinating seeds
and exchanging seeds, with pictures of seeds, seedpods and seedlings (and a bit of botany!)

Go to TheSeedSite.co.uk
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