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AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Protect yourself from online security threats with this free anti-virus software from AVG Anti-Virus.

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is - as the title suggests - a free anti-virus software programme. It's hugely popular and millions of people currently use AVG Anti-Virus Free for protection while engaging in basic online activities such as surfing, searching and social networking.

Computer and internet use is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives. More and more personal information is being exposed to potential security threats via electronic access. These threats are continually evolving, and AVG helps to provide real-time defenses against these real-time threats.

Why use AVG Anti-Virus Free?

  • because it's free
  • it will help protect you from potential online dangers
  • it's easy to install and use
  • well established in the anti-virus software security market

Key AVG Anti-Virus features

  • Fix button - one-click repairing when your system security has been compromised
  • Smart Scanning - makes scanning quicker as only files that have changed are scanned
  • AVG LinkScanner - flags potentially hazardous links posted on Facebook and MySpace
  • Threat Labs - learn more about the LinkScanner's ratings on specific links
  • System Resource Manager - automatically slows scans so they don't interfere with the computer's other tasks
  • Resource-managing Slider -slider and you can drag to adjust how big of a burden the scan will be on your system

AVG Free Vs. Commercial

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition has fewer features than the paid-for commercial product. This includes:

  • infrequent updates via a lower priority service
  • no telephone or e-mail technical support
  • less customization
  • only licensed for home and non-commercial use on a single computer