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Blinkbox - free online movies

Blinkbox - free online movies

Watch movies online for free and 100% legally!

NOTE: Blinkbox no longer do free movies


Watch movies online - the best part is the movies are free and it's 100% legal!

Blinkbox is a UK based video-on-demand (VoD) site that streams full length feature films online. The site also has thousands of premium movies and TV shows which you can buy and rent.

Blinkbox has content deals with leading studios and independent producers. New movie releases are frequently added, with many available at the same time the DVD's are released.

Free movies and TV programmes

Blinkbox is able to offer free movies and programmes legally by generating revenue through advertisements during playback, similar to commercial television. The free-to-watch titles generally aren't very recent or popular movies, with many being old and rather obscure.

Browse through the library and you will come across some cult classics, and movies starring well known actors from early on in their careers. There are also some hidden gems to be found in the foreign film titles, and some of those more obscure offerings.

Paid-for and rental movies

Movies that are bought can be watched an unlimited amount of times, while rental movies have unlimited plays within a 24 hour period. It appears that the license prohibits the burning of movies to DVD or the transfer to portable devices.


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Well, I am not aware of the advanced technology that enables the common man to use movie apps, but I do keep on searching free movie sites so that I can get better options to watch my favorite movies online. you can even watch it here.