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Dark Orbit is a browser based space action shooter, played with thousands of other online players.

Dark Orbit is a free browser based action shooter.

NOTE: the newer 3D Battlestar Galactica Online has now been released which supersedes Dark Orbit.

Pilot your own spaceship and go head-to-head with thousands of other real online players at Additionally there are various AI opponents ranging from basic cannon fodder critters, through to big-boss aliens that require entire teams to take down.

At the beginning you join one of three Dark Orbit companies - Mars, Venus or Earth. Each company has it's own characteristics but all are battling it out for ultimate power in the Dark Orbit universe.

You get given a small space ship to start with, but as you progress you are able to buy upgrades until you have eventually built a powerful battle cruiser. Uridium is the main Dark Orbit game currency and collecting it can be a very slow process. Uridium can be obtained by completing missions and picking up bonus boxes. Unfortunately to get the best equipment and most powerful spaceships in Dark orbit, you will eventually need to buy Uridium by making an online payment.

As you gain experience, respect and resources you are able to unlock increasingly remote sectors with mysterious and often powerful alien enemies. You can do the beginner missions solo, but eventually you will need to team up with other players or join a clan in order to take on the bigger Dark Orbit aliens or rival companies.

A couple of Dark Orbit tips for newbies:

  • Buy a repair robot - it can repair your spaceship when it gets damaged.
  • Be careful not to kill your own company members or steal their goods as this will give you negative honour.
  • Keep an eye on the mini-map in the bottom right corner. A danger bar will appear on the right if a powerful enemy is in your sector. Bigger the bar the bigger the danger. Head for the cover of a neutral zone, as it's probably a fast and well equipped Goliath.
  • If your ship costs credits, buy a new one when you die rather than spend 500 Uridium getting repaired.
  • You can change the game settings by clicking the blue light under the logo. You can switch off the music, only show your cargo boxes, etc.
  • The first player to attack an enemy get's priority on that enemies rewards (credits, cargo, uridium).
  • Keep an eye on how much ammunition you have - lasers and rockets. You don't want to run out when you need them.