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Football Superstars - your virtual online football world

Football Superstars - your virtual online football world

Play football online, with other real players, in the virtual Football Superstar world

If you are a football fan then this is the perfect online football experience for you. Forget the usual online fantasy football leagues, with Football Superstars you get a complete Virtual Football World. In this virtual football world you command your own character, similar to games like World of Warcraft and Second Life.

Football Superstars is a free MMOG (massively multiplayer online game), where the focus is on your own personal football character. This means you don't control the entire team, as all the players (apart from the goalkeepers) are controlled by real people playing live online. You control only your character and play against (and with) other players of the same skill level. As you get better you advance to higher Football Superstar levels. Climb divisional ladders, form a club or manage your own side as you fight it out for the top spot.

How Football Superstars works

Once you have downloaded and installed the game, create your own virtual footballer. You are then free to start exploring the interactive Football Superstars world. Obviously you will want to learn the basic game skills - this can be done by practicing in a virtual park with friends. Once you have some football skills, start competing against other players. Eventually, if you get good enough, you will turn professional and begin earning money.

Football Superstars currency

With success comes the football superstar lifestyle of fame and fortune. Football Superstars has its own currency - FS Dollars & FS Bonds - and you are paid for the games you play. Obviously the higher your level of play the higher your salary. When you aren't playing football you can spend your earnings in the virtual Football Superstars world which also includes bars and shops. The game is free to play, but similar to other 'free' online MMOG's you can buy extra currency (FS Dollars & FS Bonds).