Best of the web - give yourself a Virtual Makeover - give yourself a Virtual Makeover

iVillage is an excellent all-round site aimed at women

Give yourself a virtual makeover with this interactive online tool.

This online Virtual Makeover Tool is just one part of - an excellent web site aimed at women.

  • Firstly upload an image of yourself to use for the makeover. Alternatively you can use one of their default models.
  • Choose which specific things you would like to make over. You can change between various hairstyles, shades of eye shadow, tints of lipstick and more. Changes appear instantly on your chosen makeover photo.
  • Once you have a look you are happy with, save it or send it to your friends.

As mentioned above, this Virtual Makeover Tool is part of the site. It contains a wealth of information related to women, and this is presented in a well designed and intuitive site. There are various other interactive areas, including a baby name finder, videos on beauty tips and pregnancy advice, cooking recipes, celebrity news and much more.

Another aspect of iVillage is the extensive community network. This includes message boards and user profiles with groups, blogs and the ability to share photos and videos. To quote their mission statement - "It is a place where women don't just read about how to get the most out of life, they help each other do it. With accessible, intelligent content, addictive interactive features and a welcoming and supportive community..."

The content is divided into sections which include Diet & Fitness, Relationships, Parenting, Pregnancy & Baby, Health, Beauty, Food & Drink, Home & Garden Travel, Money, News & Entertainment, Work & Career and Astrology.