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Musicovery - interactive mood driven music discovery service.

Discover and listen to music according to mood, genre, era, artist and tempo.

The Musicovery site is a good way of discovering artists to which you may have not otherwise been exposed.

The free service doesn't included advertisements or anything, but some of the features are limited.


How it works

Using the interactive Musicovery 'mood pad' you can select a mood of music that is gauged between 'Energetic/Calm' and 'Dark/Positive'. A custom playlist of music from various artists fitting your mood will then be played to you. You can further refine what is played on your Mood Radio by setting additional filters like musical genre and musical era.

Music is streamed live to you, not downloaded, and there is the option to buy music via major online music retailers.

Besides the Mood Radio, the site also features Dance Radio, Artists Radio, and What's New.

  • Dance Radio - refine your listening choice by tempo
  • Artist Radio - search for a particular artist and get music of a similar style
  • What's New - discover newly released music

Free service Vs. Paid-for Premium Service

The free service allows you to:

  • listen to songs free from adverts
  • flag your favourite songs
  • ban songs from future radio play
  • keep track of your smart radios
  • play tracks lo-fi quality

The premium paid-for service includes offers these additional features:

  • added interactivity for playlists
  • favourite songs only playlists
  • better hi-fi sound quality