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Free office software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. Productivity Suite is an open-source office software package similar to Microsoft Office. One major difference is that is completely free to download and use. MS Office on the other hand, retails for a fairly substantial wack of cash.

How good is

Those unfamiliar with may suspect that it is sub-standard when compared to it's well established office software rivals. This is where you are wrong. The package is as comprehensive and feature rich as many of the paid-for office products. In fact the software has some significant development time behind it, with 3 only being released after 3 years development.

What can do?

As with other popular office suites, the package includes software for:

  • word processing (Writer)
  • spreadsheets (Calc)
  • presentations (Impress)
  • graphics (Draw)
  • databases (Base)

Is compatible with standard office file formats?

Indeed it is. It uses an international open standard format, this means you read and write files from other popular office software packages. For instance you could open a .doc file created in Microsoft Word, using the word processor (Writer) - and visa versa.

Will always be free?

Absolutely. The software is under Open Source license. This means that is built and maintained by volunteers, with additional funding via donations.

Viva the Open Source revolution!