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PostSecret is an ongoing community arts project where people anonymously post in their secrets on one side of a postcard.

PostSecret features secrets that have been anonymously posted in on postcards.

Contributors are encouraged to reveal anything on a postcard - as long as it is true and has never been shared with anyone else. The outcome is an array of creative and thought provoking postcards.

These provocative and revealing secrets include confessions, regrets, fears, betrayals and desires. Being anonymous, the creator is better able to express their thoughts free of 'society placed inhabition'.

The concept

It all started in November 2004 when "accidental artist" Frank Warren handed out 3,000 postcards to strangers. He invited people to write down a secret anonymously and mail it to him. Today he receives around 1,000 postcards a week, and has received over 150,000 in total.

The PostSecret site now includes community forums, follow up stories, video secrets and PostSecret events. Additionally several books have been published, and regular exhibitions held featuring these unique postcards.

In conclusion

This is a truly voyeuristic art experience. Often the audience is left to decipher the meaning of an artwork in relation to their own perceptions. With PostSecret the underlying 'meaning' is often put bluntly. This doesn't make it any less thought provoking. In fact the anonymous aspect imparts a more personal viewing experience, and the impact of these stark truths draws your attention to your own inner secrets. This is partly due to the fact that the artwork itself is created by the general public and not an 'angst-driven' artist.

The one major disappointment is that you don't seem to be able to access the 'postcard archives'. All you can view is a selection of secrets from the latest batch received - these are updated weekly.